Lunch Management (continued)

Wanna hear their solutions after Speed Systemization?

Here it goes:

*2 Linus 2---Jeff’s homeroom on the left, Marni’s homeroom on the right; Emily and Pyper get people quite; if there’s disrespect (ignoring or talking back) to either girl, 2 warnings will be given at first and then 1 before consequences are given (could include picking up field trash or walking for time); the class will vote each week for new line quieters.

*Gear T-port 4 [ o + [ ] ]---Lucie and Ella K. will take the medical bag and clipboard to lunch and enrichments; the people responsible for keeping time go and get the watches from Doug’s desk.

*Que Tiempo---Students will use the attendance sheet and the first 2 people from each homeroom get the watches; the time keepers will rotate on a weekly basis (next two down on the homeroom list) and are responsible for getting the watches off of Doug’s desk; everyone takes their turn and cannot opt out).

*Ta-Ben-Shel---Students are responsible for cleaning their eating areas; students with three tallies and students that have been reminded several times to stop talking in line will clean up the field after lunch; students with 5 tallies will clean up the field before and after lunch.

*Bouncers---On days when walking for tally time, students will make two lines: one for those with pennies and one for those without; those with pennies will hand them to Doug and go LEFT to lunch; those without pennies will go RIGHT and begin walking.