March 17-21

March 21---This is the week

Homework was assigned in math. Reminders about this week’s Expedition Night were given.  OTC medication forms were passed out.


In crew we voted on the Downtown Asheville Solar System route plan and design.  Last week we narrowed it down to 6 and today the class selected Zoe L.’s design as the winning design.  Next, we’ll be glazing, mounting, and installing our 10 plaques into supporting Asheville businesses.

March 18---Let’s Review

We spent this morning reviewing the Community Handbook to freshen up on ECCS policies. In light of students’ continued unauthorized use of their electronics at school (Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), we reviewed the electronics section.  In light of recent events and ongoing behavior issues, we reviewed the Positive Discipline section.  This was important for both students and staff alike, as these policies can easily be forgotten as the year progresses.  


March 17---Jumping for St. Patty’s Day

The sixth grade team was jumping today.  Not JUST jumping, but Goal Jumping.  Each student took a running start and jumped as far as they could.  The next student in line had to jump from the landing spot of the previous jumper.  Once everyone jumped, the cumulative length of all the 6th graders was measured (302 feet).  But could they go further?  We added 50 more feet and set 352 feet as their goal.  They really needed all students to give their best to reach the goal and they did!  This led to a powerful debrief where they recognized the efforts of their classmates, the need for support, and how working together toward a common goal makes things faster and easier.