March 22-April 6

March 22---Leadership Meeting #2

Our young leaders spent time this morning being reflective and giving themselves feedback.  We spoke about the tendency that most, if not all, of us have to point the finger elsewhere and not take responsibility when things do not go well...and even when things do go well.  There’s an aversion to giving and receiving feedback because we take it personally as an attack on who we are, our self worth, our abilities, etc.  The students were asked to separate their behaviors and actions from who they are as a person and to give themselves a piece of positive feedback as well as a piece of constructive feedback.  Some of the other topics covered during the meeting were:

-Speaking to and making eye contact with your audience to engage them in what you have to say

-Be specific when giving feedback by using examples of behaviors, words, actions

-When giving self feedback, recognize that positives and constructives are both valuable so use ‘and’ instead of ‘but’ when talking about areas of improvement (I’m good at…’and’ I can improve on…)

-Check in with yourself and gauge your level of responsibility before pointing the finger and assigning blame/or giving credit

April 6---Feedback

How's Marni doing?  What do the students think?  Essentially: she's awesome.  Yes, there are some logistical factors that could be tuned up (like more brownies and dance parties), but overall she's engaging, fun, safe, comforting, and...well, you get the idea.  

We also offered feedback regarding overall class behavior and the fact that in the past 3 weeks, both classes have accrued only 25 tallies.  In the 2 weeks before that, the class had accrued over 75.  Nice job team!