March 3-March 11

March 11---Debrief of a Free Day

The class spent the entire morning discussing yesterday’s events and debriefing what, how, and why it occurred.  Now the goal is to move forward in a solution oriented way so that the ongoing issues do not persist. Awareness is what we have attempted to create.  Our next steps are to provide understanding, and ultimately bring fulfillment of what we all know these students are capable of.


March 10---Voice and Change (Take 2)

The center of our circle this morning was a reflective mylar paper mirror surrounded by the ten Habits of Scholars (see image below). To start, we also laid a dry erase board with symbols that looked like EOE WOW MOM and 303, depending on where you were sitting.  We used this to explain the importance of seeing things from other people’s perspectives as we move toward speaking up and listening and trying to make changes.  The mirror surface served as a representation for listening (as compared to only hearing). We had the students practice reflective listening by reflecting back to the previous speaker what the previous speaker had said.  This was to ensure that what was heard was also being listened to and accurate.  Through this activity, students were able to hear the differing perspectives of their classmates.  Ultimately, they decided as a class to try a free day where no tallies were to be given, no solo lunches, no walking for class tallies, etc.  Just a day to Be Cool. Let’s see what happens.   

March 9---Voice and Change (Take 1)

Today the students began by writing responses to:

  1. Define Voice

  2. Complete the sentence: Change happens when...

This was followed by sharing their responses with the class and discussing what motivates change within individuals, groups, and communities.  We asked them what was needed for change and the first three responses were: you need to speak up, you need support, and you have to have perseverance.  We took those three things and tied them to how necessary they were for Martin Luther King, Jr. to effect change. The missing link identified within this class culture was the support piece.  Those wanting to see changes in behavior and speak up for it need to be supported, otherwise they’re overpowered by those not wanting to change behaviors but who have support.  There cannot be change given those circumstances.  This  sparked some really good conversation but we had already gone 15 minutes into core classes and decided to pick up tomorrow.

March 8---Last FMB’s

We completed the last of the class’ Five Minute Bios today and now move into the Final Trimester.  Our focus will be leadership, voice, and changes.