Givers and Takers

How are you a giver and how are you a taker? This was the question we answered this morning. We created 2 sets of lists: one for how you give and take out of school and another for how you give and take in school.  

After creating the lists, we connected give and take on the global scale using rainforest deforestation as an example they could relate to. To give is great and to take is OK, but all in balance.  We then shifted back to the classroom and asked the students to think about whether their give and take was in balance.  If not, are they giving too much  (meaning others are taking too much), or taking too much (meaning others are giving too much).  And if it’s out of balance, what can you do to try to balance it out.  And beyond that, do you even care.  We reemphasized that is within their power to shift the give and take into balance (by addressing the takers, asking their classmates to pull their own weight, and appreciating those that are giving).  We also reminded the students that the whole intention behind all of these discussions is for them to be able to create their own reality of what they really want as a class culture.