Solution Integration: Student Led

After reviewing eight sets of problems and solutions, the two most common solutions were that:

1) students with one or less tallies would be exempt from walking for accrued tallies, and

2) that students should be in charge of passing out the golden pennies.  The first solution is very simple to implement, but the second not so much.  Who gets to give out the pennies?  How many can they pass out? Are they the permanent penny holders? These are the questions that needed to be answered by the students.  Led by their own peers, the students nominated students they felt would be trustworthy to pass out the pennies and held a vote to decide on three from each Core Class.  


They also voted for each of the penny holders to get 15 pennies per week.  There were several who felt this was too many but the majority ruled and the decision was to try it for the week and see how it goes.