Symbols of Growth

We revisited our wooden tokens and added the second of four symbols (the first was back in September when they drew a symbol that represented who they were).  We began our Morning Meeting by discussing why we teach Character & Culture here at Evergreen.  After reflecting on the EL Site Seminar Last week, we touched on how Character & Culture is not just for the students, but for the entire Evergreen Community.  Within that, there is always room for growth for all of us.



So it only made sense for our second symbol to represent growth.  We asked the students to draw a symbol in their Character & Culture notebook that represented an area that they have grown in this year and to write what the symbol means to them.  After about ten minutes, we turned off the lights, turned up the tunes, and activated the light circle.  Since personal growth is personal, we asked each student (teachers also participated) to place their token back in the light circle and to share only one word to summarize what their symbol represented.  Their answers, to name a few, were profound (and some not so profound): friendship, confidence, leadership, life, sports, pineapple, organization, writing, lunch, gentle, patience, responsibility, craftsmanship, confrontation, horses, gymnastics..