The 3-5-7 and Signing the Constitution

At the end of last week, we met with several students to discuss our class accountability system.  They were asked what would be fair consequences for not upholding the Class Constitution.  When given the choice to create a consequence list themselves or to have teachers create a list based on their suggestions, they chose to have teachers create the list.  Today, we presented The 3-5-7.  This means that at 3 reminders (which are tracked using a tally system) for violating the Constitution, that student will have a solo lunch period to reflect on their choices.  At 5 reminders, the student will have a take home WOW Reflection that requires a parent signature. WOW stands for What’s Up (what is happening), Own Up (what are they taking ownership for), and What’s Next (what is their plan).  At 7 reminders, the student will receive an infraction.  The tracking begins at the start of each week and ends at the end of the day on Friday.  There are no rollovers. The system is always a work in progress and will not be perfect.  We have told the students that their input is valuable and if at any point they want to modify the system, then we are open to any and all suggestions.

We also received the final official copy of our Class Constitution today and presented the students with the opportunity to sign it.  Once all students have had the chance to sign, it will be laminated and posted in the classroom.