The Rest of January


January 29---Systems:Student Led

Two students led morning meeting and addressed the continuing issue of students having to pay the consequences of others’ actions (walking for accrued tallies).  They presented the idea to have a positive tally system in which students could earn ‘good’ tallies for going above and beyond during class.  Depending on the classroom, each row or table would select a captain that would decide whether the students at their table/in their row had gone above and beyond during class.  If so, they earn a ‘good’ tally.  If not, they earn no tally.  There is no option for a negative tally (that is not their responsibility).  The tallies earned are redeemed against whole class tallies earned (whole class tallies are worth one minute of walking each). The ‘Captains’ will change daily so as to avoid favoritism as best as possible.   

January 28---5 minute Bios

January 27---5 minute Bios

January 26---SNOW DAY

January 22---SNOW DAY

January 21---What Do You Want To Earn-Student Led

One of our students led morning meeting this morning with the focus on creating a list of student wants.  They have been earning points during class for timely cleanup and transition and those points will go toward their wants list:

-Dance Party

-Popcorn and a movie

-Pin Bombardment Game in the gym

-Recess time

January 20---Job Change and 5 Minute Bios

As decided by the class, we switched up jobs based on established systems of student selection and rotation.  We also had time for 5 Minute Bios.

January 15---5 Minute Bios

January 14---5 Minute Bios

January 13---Who’s Helping and Who’s Not

It’s an age old question and today we brought it front and center.  Each student was asked to name one student that is CONSISTENTLY helping and one student that is CONSISTENTLY not helping during class cleanup.  Being that this has been an issue in years past and still continues, we felt this was a clear cut way for students to mention names instead of the good ol’  ‘some people’ statements.  While it may have been uncomfortable for some students to be called out, the hope is that they recognize that they are not upholding their part of the Constitution and that ALL students need to do their part (no exceptions).  

January 12---5 Minute Biographies Intro

Yesterday, the students were introduced to 5 Minute Bios and Doug demonstrated one way to do it.  Each student will present their own bio to the class and has 5 minutes to do so.  They can bring in pictures, make a slideshow, use costumes, etc.  They are only limited by themselves.  If their presentation takes less than 5 minutes, then the remaining time will be used for Q & A. Today, several students presented their bios to the class and we will continue during morning meetings until all students have gone.  This is not a consequence but it is also not optional.  It is a way for the class to learn more about their crew and gain better insight into who they are.