Training, Main, Final

Training, Main, Final is the progression of all Outward Bound courses.  It is a way in which students learn, demonstrate, and practice learned skills as they work toward independence.  We utilize the same structure here in sixth grade.  As explained at Orientation Night (and with some added detail), the plan is:

1st trimester to be Training: The students are learning the daily flow, what the expectations are, where things go, etc. They are learning the systems and we as teachers are very involved and available to offer reminders and guidance so that the students become efficient in maneuvering through their day.   

2nd trimester to be Main: The students have learned what to do, how to do it, and have demonstrated competency in the systems.  During Main, teachers will give instructions (either themselves or through student leaders) with the expectation that the directions are followed.  The multiple reminders that were given during Training will be given once and then consequences will be enforced.  This gives the students a greater sense of responsibility, more freedom in their choices, and a higher level of accountability. We will also have opportunities for them to earn freedoms that they request, such as choosing their own seats, choosing work groups, and managing their own time during lunch and movement.  

3rd trimester to be Final: What Final looks and when it happens depends solely on how the students perform during Training and Main, and it is not a guaranteed phase (it must be earned).  The students will need to have demonstrated not only competency, but also consistency (in appropriate classroom behavior, time management, conflict resolution, self accountability, etc.). In this phase, students can be running their own morning meetings (with their own agenda), resolving their conflicts through learned resolution skills, managing their transitions, utilizing the behavior managements systems, and overall running the school day.