March 14-16

March 16---Leadership Meeting #1

Students were presented with the opportunity to join a Leadership Group early last week.  It was a process that involved following directions and ultimately resulted in 25 students completing the tasks and meeting this morning.  In an effort to be brief, these are the things we covered:

-Read and follow directions

-Read and follow directions

-Repeat the directions twice for those that did not listen the first time

-Listen to others

-Delegate responsibility (time keepers, backup for time keeper, caller on-er)

-Take notes for future reference

-Shoot for efficiency, set time limits and stick to time limits

-Decide what you want to accomplish (goal setting)

-Follow directions


It was a very respectful meeting with the goals of Getting the whole class to Final, eliminating systems, having fun, gaining leadership skills for life, and finding a solution.  The students were very respectful of each other and the conversation and were able to speak up in a way they hadn’t done before.  We are excited about what this group will be doing as young leaders.


March 15---South American Teamwork

This morning we watched a video of an Incan village tradition.  Every year for the past 300 years, this tribe spends 3 days constructing a bridge made of grass.  The grass is wound into cord, the cord is wound into rope, and the ropes are braided into the support lines that traverse the river.  They use the old bridge to walk the support lines across, and then cut the old bridge down to be washed away by the river.  We used this as a conversation starter for how it relates to 6th grade.  What is required for this to work? Who participates in this tradition? Which Habits of Scholars do they use?

The students clearly understood and recognized the need for teamwork, collaboration, perseverance, effort of mind and body, fun, etc. to complete this ancient practice.  Doug spoke about the What, How, and Why of what we teach during morning meetings and class meetings.

March 14---Role Changes and Pickup from Friday