Welcome to MAIN

We jumped right into it this morning by letting the students know that they are in the MAIN phase of their 6th grade progression and that expectations are higher, consequences are swifter, and rewards are up to them.  Students will be practicing managing class meetings, setting time goals, doing a lot more collaborative activities that all focus on creating the class culture that they want.  There will be plenty of challenges during this phase as they learn how to resolve conflicts/disagreements, are put into positions of leadership, and really apply the concepts that we so frequently talk about. 

The students were divided into 8 groups with one member of the leadership crew in each group.  Each group was given 2 time periods of the school day and had to answer questions about expectations, what should and should not be happening, etc.

For example:


What should be happening during this time?

Where are attendance rosters and who is going to take attendance?

What should the first people in the room do other than sit down and wait?

What are your behavior expectations of classmates for this time block?

What should not be happening during this time?

What should happen at 8:30?

This provides the students an opportunity to prove their understanding of the class structures/expectations and to put it into writing.  This will serve as their guide for the MAIN phase of this year.