You Lead It

This morning's discussion was led and facilitated by three 6th graders.  Aside from the initial framing and clarifications by teachers, the students conducted the entire discussion on their own.  Surprising? Heck no! The goal was for students to identify ways that they can earn rewards and any changes that they feel need to be made to the current systems (tallies, pennies, individualvs. class consequences).  They assigned a scribe to write ideas on the board, took turns calling on classmates with their hands up, and managed their volume through reminders by many class members.  It was a beautful sight to see 49 students (we had 3 absences) collaborate on an issue and do it without adult intervention.  This is what MAIN looks like.

Although we ran short on time, lots of ideas were presented and written down, which will serve as the text for their first Leadership Council.  Ask your child what they thought.