Word in Third 3/17/16

"How can you tell if an Irishman is having a good time?

They're Dublin over with laughter!" Happy St. Patrick's Day and happy Thursday from 3rd grade!

We have sunshine soaking into our bones during hikes, recess, and  picnic lunches, reports being completed and final copies turned in, amazing monuments coming in everyday, and proud students organizing their work for Heroes' Night! All is good in the Center of the Universe. Just a reminder that your child may handwrite or type their final draft. They can be printed at home and brought in or emailed to Melanie or Eben. Also, let us know right away if your child needs extra support in any way with report finals or their monuments. The monuments were due today and most came in, but we are still missing a few!  We're ready to help. Tuesday, 3/22, at 6:30,  is our big event and we really want the kids (and their heroes) to shine!

NEEDS: Pencils, erasers, packing tape

Mel's Class send in a towel for outdoor classroom sitting

From the OFFICE: There was a rabies case in Haw Creek, so we are being vigilant! Please take a moment to read this article with info on how to reduce risk...



SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 2016  9 A.M. TIL 1 P.M.

Welcome the Spring season by helping out with Evergreen grounds beautification and improvements! Jill Huebner, John Kinnaird and Bob Oakes will be on hand to lead the crew!Please bring your garden tools including work gloves, rakes, hoes, clippers, loppers and wheelbarrows. Also welcome:  snow shovels (to move wood chips), weed whackers, leaf blowers, chain saws, circular saws and power drills.
Come join us in great community spirit while earning volunteer hours. Students participating will earn service hours! Snacks and beverages supplied. Questions? Call Bob 828-713-0717 or email Sarah at sarah.shoemaker@evergreenccs.org.

From EVERAFTER: Spring Club & Sport sign-up deadline is March 25th! http://www.evergreeneverafter.org/

From ART CLASS: Third grade will be making totem poles this spring!  Each child should bring in a clean, empty coffee can for this project by Friday, April 15th.  If your family has extra coffee cans, please send those in as well.  We could also use bottle caps, plastic containers and any other water resistant recyclable materials you may be able to donate for this project.  No paper products, please. Ms. Kati

Reminder:  Time to update your child's climbing wall release form. It is going home today, so check for it.  Please sign and return by 3/24/16. 3rd grade's Climbing Day is on April 4. Kids need to dress in comfortable clothing and tennis shoes! Please no tight jeans or bulky shoes.

"Awake, thou wintry earth -
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!"
~Thomas Blackburn

Have a wonderful evening! Deidre, Mel, Eben, and Cat