The Word in Third 12/3

Third grade is blasting off to explore the solar system! We kicked off our three-week investigation of Our Place in Space this week with our visit to PARI. We took a walk through the solar system, all the way out to the Kuiper Belt and beyond, and we visited the StarLab where we explored the movement of the Earth and the Moon and looked at constellations in the night sky. Some of the kids had a big adventure with Ms. Mel and Ms. Deidre when their bus broke down on the way home!

Back at school, we’ve been drawing the phases of the moon, writing about “mystery photos” from our galaxy, and asking great questions about space! Ask your third grader about the difference between “thick” and “thin” questions. In math, we’re starting to learn some third-grade algebra - finding the missing number in a number sentence. And since we’ve started our second trimester, we have a new enrichment! Instead of Art this trimester, we have a new class called Media with Ms. Laura. Eben’s class has their first Media this week, and Mel’s class will be starting next week. Ask your child about the research skills they’re learning!

Don’t forget to keep checking the main page of the website for announcements, reminders, and calendar updates. We encourage you to bookmark the page in your browser and stop by every few days to see what’s happening in third grade - The Center of the Universe!

Astronomically yours,
The Third Grade Team