The Word in Third 1/13

This week’s news comes to you from:
The Third Grade Cartographers
Evergreen Community Charter School
50 Bell Road
Asheville, North Carolina
Southeast Region
United States of America
North American Continent
Northern Hemisphere
Planet Earth

We are elbows-deep in our investigation of maps and geography, which will give us a solid foundation for our local study of Asheville. We’ve been on a treasure hunt and practiced finding out information from different kinds of maps, discussed the relationship between the land and human geography, looked for our own communities on the map, and started to place Asheville by its “global address.” We have also had some wonderfully insightful conversations about the difference between a hero and a celebrity. Ask your third grader about some of the people we’ve looked at who are either one or the other - or sometimes both!

We are finally seeing some winter temperatures! Please be aware that we do continue  to go out for recess and expect kids to have adequate warm clothing/gear: gloves, head covering, and either a heavier coat or multiple layers that include long sleeves and  a warm jacket. Let us know if your child needs anything! We have access to the great clothing cupboard in the Robin’s Nest. When out, we encourage them to stay active and don't stay out as long if the temp is too low.

Ms. Sarah has moved her mindfulness lessons on to other grade levels this trimester, but we are still using time in our morning circles for our own mindfulness practice as well as Ms. Kay’s fabulous Sign Language lessons! Third grade has switched out Art for Media in our enrichments this trimester, and Ms. Laura has some fun and challenging plans for helping the kids develop their media and research skills. Winter clubs are off to a great start, and we are sending about a third of the class off to EverAfter each day. The Center of the Universe is a busy, happy place!

There are several exciting field trips coming up in the next months; details will be posted as we get them finalized, so don’t forget to keep checking the fieldwork page and the calendar for all the important info!

Geographically yours,
The Third Grade Team

P.S. Check out our Learning Links page for some videos we watched in Mr. Eben’s math group that totally blew our minds!