The Word in Third 1/20

The Word in Third 1/20

Happy winter, everyone! We were taken completely by surprise by our first snow day of the year - we hope all of our cubs and their families have been warm and safe and having fun today!

January is chugging along, and third grade continues to stay busy. Both classes are getting started with book groups, and we’re reading Because of Winn-Dixie, Pippi Longstocking, What I Came to Tell You, The Mystery of Biltmore House, and more! Our mid-year mClass reading assessments are almost finished, and the MAP math assessment will be in a couple of weeks. These tests are required by the state, and while they do give us some useful data, please remember (and remind your kids if they need it) that they are far less important to us than the creative, inspiring daily work and play that happens at the Center of the Universe!

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about Martin Luther King, Jr. in the last week - partly because of the holiday, but mostly because he’s a great American hero and gives us valuable insight into what makes a hero. We’ve also read stories about Henry David Thoreau and his civil disobedience in opposing slavery, something that MLK was inspired by. Ask your third grader about the cabin that Henry the Bear built! We did an activity in crew this week about keeping Dr. King’s work alive and moving forward, and will be sharing ideas with 4th grade buddies at Monday’s community circle (which, by the way, we would love you to join us for)!

Looking ahead… tomorrow is the deadline for this month’s Scholastic orders, and we’ll be taking Heroes of Asheville nominations until Sunday. That will leave plenty of time for us to look through the nominations with the kids and for them to choose a hero to interview! We’ll be reaching out to families for help with some of the big projects we do in preparation for Heroes’ Night, so stay tuned!

Cozily yours,
The Third Grade Team