The Word in Third 12/10

This week's news comes to you from:
The 3rd grade Astronauts
Evergreen Community Charter School
Asheville, NC, USA
Planet Earth
The Solar System
Milky Way Galaxy
The Local Group
Virgo Supercluster
The Universe

We have had a stellar time studying our Intergalactic neighborhood over the past few days! We loved being college students at UNCA with Professor Beck answering the kids’ great questions! Galaxies, nebulae, life on other planets, space travel, gravity, dwarf planets, black holes - we covered it all! It was a beautiful day for lunch in the quad and a runabout. How many times DID they run up and down the library steps?!

The kids have their space topics and have begun research for their poster and presentation. We love having Media class with Ms. Laura and have found lots of great info using the iPads . Research and pictures from homework will come to school in folders and be added to the mix! This week’s homework will give you more information. The homework packet is due on MONDAY this week to allow time to utilize the research.

The moon watching assignment is not due until Wednesday, AND we realize that this assignment has been tricky. The time students might have been able to see the moon this week was in the morning before going to school - moonset is running around 3:00 pm right now so it’s not visible in the evening. The other limiting factor is that we are approaching the new moon and it won’t be visible at all in a night or two. However, by next Sunday, the moon will be growing again, won't set until 7:46, and then should be visible for the rest of the week until the assignment is due (weather permitting). Just a few moon observations over the course of these two weeks could go a long way towards solidifying their understanding of moon movement in our sky. All we can ask is that they/you try.

Looking ahead, we have some busy final days before the Winter Break!  We are beginning to put our presentations together, will begin studying time in math, take our multiplication and spelling quizzes, and have an optional evening field trip (more information on the Fieldwork page), CREW, enrichments, rehearsal for the Winter Program, and our class Deltec Dollar Bazaars (see below). As always, please let us know in advance if your child will missing any days prior to the break.

Don’t forget to keep checking the main page of the website for announcements, reminders, and calendar updates. There are lots of important details there about the special events we have going on next week! We encourage you to bookmark the page in your browser and stop by every few days to see what’s happening in third grade - The Center of the Universe!

Blasting off for now,

The Third Grade Team