The Word in Third 1/27

We are so glad to be out of hibernation and back together! 

We’ve only had a couple days of school since last Wednesday… there has probably been a lot more action and activity at home than here at school! The kids are settling back into routines and we’re reorienting ourselves to what we were working on before the big snow. Of particular note: we have assessments in division and geography coming up, and our community circle has been rescheduled for Monday, February 8th. 

The nominees are in for Heroes of Asheville; stay tuned as we get this year’s Heroes website up and running! The kids will be choosing heroes in the next few weeks, and we’ll be starting interviews before you know it!

The new homework packet will be going out a day late this week. We’ve had a slight increase in late or incomplete homework lately, so please help your third grader complete all four pages before the due date! We understand if there are true extenuating circumstances… just let us know :)

Merrily and brightly yours,
The Third Grade Team