The Word in Third 1/6


Happy New Year, and welcome back!  We’ve hit the ground running in third grade; in the last two days we have shared stories from our vacation adventures, re-learned our classroom routines, solved problems related to analog clocks and elapsed time, finished our solar system presentations, rolled out our new Habit of the Month (Collaboration!), and are getting ready to kick off our winter expedition, Heroes of Asheville! We’ll start with a focus on maps and geography before we get into heroes and history. We are off to a good start with hero nominations, but we still need more. Check out the Heroes of Asheville expedition page for updates and information throughout this trimester.

Speaking of updates, the third grade website is back up to date with announcements, reminders, events, and more! We’ve just uploaded some great exemplars to the Student Work page, and we highly encourage you to check out the results of the kids’ hard work. As always, please let Cat know if there are any glitches or information that is hard to find.

Have a wonderful week!

Warmly (despite the weather),

The Third Grade Team