The Word in Third 2/17

Welcome back to another installment of news from the Center of the Universe! We had a fabulous time downtown today! We saw the play “Meet Dr. King” at Asheville Community Theatre, which provided us with even more information about the life and work of one of our great American heroes - and some laughs too! We also visited the Thomas Wolfe House and went on a guided tour of the museum as well as the house itself. The kids got to practice using some of the household tools that Wolfe’s mother, Julia, might have used while running her boarding house, and we learned a lot about the writer, his life, and his connections to Asheville. All that, and we still made it back in time for lunch!

We are excited about our downtown Monument Walk next week; Hemlock and Apple crews still need a bus chaperone each, so if you’re available to join us we sure would appreciate the help! It looks like we’ll probably have a mild, sunny day :)

Hero interviews have begun, and so far they have been wonderful! The interviewers and videographers have been mature, respectful, and thoughtful, and they’re asking great questions that really shine a spotlight on their heroes. Many interviews have yet to be scheduled, so don’t worry if your third grader doesn’t know when theirs will be. They do all know who their heroes are, though; we compliment those students who were flexible and willing to be team players so that every third grader has a hero and every hero has a third grader!

Coming up: lots and lots of interviews, forging ahead with our book groups, and homeroom spelling contests! We sure are busy, but it’s the best kind of busy, especially with a sweet, funny, diligent, and thoughtful crew like ours!

Monumentally yours,
The Third Grade Team