The Word in Third 2/26

*We apologize for the tardiness of our updates this week, and for any delays in other communications. Hero interviews have us all tied up in third grade awesomeness!

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” -Winston Churchill

...and we have done both this week!  Our Downtown explorers, spellers, and interviewers have been very courageous as they have listened and learned throughout this busy week. 

Our Downtown Monument Walk was blustery and chilly, but the rain held off and we had a great time exploring the history and hidden bits of Asheville together with our Crews. We so appreciate our chaperones and drivers: Colleen, Ali, Jill, Kate, Erica, and Beth. As always, we couldn’t do it without you! We send huge thanks to Malaprops Bookstore owner & former Hero of Asheville, Emoke, to the staff at Zambra, and to Liz McLamb at the City Parking Services office for accommodating some of our Crews and helping them get warm! The Sky Bar, City Building, and the Thomas Wolfe Memorial are also very appreciated for allowing us in and answering lots of questions. We saw so many amazing pieces of art, places, and of course, monuments of every size and variety. We encourage all our families to take a stroll through Downtown with your new tour guide and see AVL in a new way!

The kids were very inspired by all they saw and have started designing their own hero’s monument. We will be sending more info on monument building, but here is an overview:  We have a Monument Supplies Market where the kids can choose supplies and a base to build their monument. They take these supplies home and construct a monument to their hero. Parents can be helpful, but we will support the kids in being ready to work independently. We will also offer an in class workshop for any help needed! We are seeking a parent willing to cut plywood bases to the size specifications we need. Contact Deidre! 

The interviews are going so, so well! Dr. Sue came down the hall to congratulate third grade on our interview skills and on how kind, smart, and polite the heroes have said we are! Hurrah! We are sending Interview Note Packets home as the kids finish their interviews, which will take the place of most of the regular homework packet. Videos can be found here; please let us know right away if you aren’t able to watch the interview at home and we'll arrange something here at school.

Yet another example of courage: many, many third graders participated in our homeroom spelling contests! Congratulations to Ben and Gaelen from Eben's class and Nola and Blake from Mel's class - they will be representing third grade in the Staff vs. Students contest in a little over a week! We are so proud of ALL of our third grade spellers!

Ask your third grader how they are using our Habit of the Month, Curiosity & Courage, in hero interviews, spelling contests, math groups, fieldwork, and beyond!

Inquisitively yours,
The Third Grade Team