The Word in Third 2/3


“I’m back in the saddle again,
Back where a friend is a friend…”
-Gene Autry

We are back in the saddle after the winter storm madness, and boy does it feel good! We successfully managed our division and geography tests, finished up our middle-of-the-year mClass reading assessments, and rolled out our new Habit of the Month - Curiosity and Courage! As we continue to discuss real-life heroes and Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and work, we’ve had some wonderful, deep conversations about race, equality, and social justice. Your kids sure are a thoughtful, heartful bunch!

The kids have been practicing their interview skills in Media class and will be choosing heroes late next week or early the following week. We have some really amazing, inspiring nominees! We’ll also be starting to prepare for our 2 big upcoming days of fieldwork… thank you to everyone who has already signed up to chaperone! We still need bus chaperones for the Hemlock and Apple crews and 3-4 drivers for the Cedar crew on Monument Walk day (2/23). We appreciate it!

In other classroom news, we’ve finally started ALL of our book groups and held several Multiplication Celebrations for kids who passed all of their times table quizzes. We just started fractions in math groups - ask your third grader how fractions and division are related! And finally, we are starting to prepare for our annual Staff vs. Students Spelling Contest! We’ll have optional homeroom contests in a few weeks, and the top two spellers from each homeroom will compete against the staff team (which includes Ms. Cat!) on March 8th. Word lists coming soon!

Orthographically yours,
The Third Grade Team