We have had a wonderful first week! It has been great getting to know each other, playing games, learning about the classroom, our school norms, and our schedule. We have been to the library to visit Ms. Laura, and have gone to our first Enrichments! We have started our first writing project, played math games, and taken a pre-assessment spelling test. Recess has been so much fun! We’ve explored Nature Playground and been introduced to Ga-Ga Ball (or Thunderball).

Please check out our 3rd grade Website! You can also get there by visiting the “Classroom Websites” section of the ECCS website: We will be posting photos, notes and info, class & school-wide news!

Thank you to all who signed up on our Classroom Volunteer list! We appreciate you very much. If you haven’t signed up,  please check out this 3rd Grade Volunteerism link and see if you can fulfill one of the roles therein. You should be able to add your name directly to the list. Note that there is a section for each classroom and an all 3rd grade section at the bottom. Please let Eben know if you have trouble accessing or working with this document, and contact one of your teachers if you have volunteer ideas that you could contribute which are not represented here. Thank you to Keri Beth Livingston(E & Cs) and Tamara Meyers(M & Ds), for being our parent classroom coordinators!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Please attend our official FALL CAMPOUT MEETING, THURS., SEPT. 1, 3:00. Kids signed up for Everafter will go, other students can stay with Deidre during the meeting. While we hope that every 3rd grade family will be represented at this meeting, we especially need for potential campout chaperones to attend, (school policy). The actual campout is on September 15th to the 16th.

Please label all your child’s things. If your child loses something, it is usually brought fairly quickly to the Lost and Found. Please check there or ask your child to do so promptly. When L&F items are sorted at the end of each month , they will be returned if labeled. If not, they are donated! L & F is located in the closet near the Main Office. A great Community Volunteer job is to be the office’s L & F Organizer, sorting and returning labeled items! Everafter has a separate L&F in the gym.

Birthdays: We love to celebrate each other with compliments and wishes in a Birthday Circle at the end of the special day, usually 2:30ish. You are invited to join us! You may bring or send a treat to share but it is certainly not required!  We ask that all treats be somewhat lower in sugar and in EBEN’S class PEANUT FREE! If your child has any dietary issues that you’re concerned about, you may send in a separate treat selection for us to keep on hand for celebrations. As always, let us know if you have any food related concerns!

Important info from the business office:

Dear Parents,

We are completing the first round of volunteer background checks. In case you missed it at orientation, all regular in-classroom volunteers and field trip chaperones must have a completed background check.  If you are going to volunteer this year and haven't already completed the online background check form, please do so right away! If you aren't sure if you need one, ask the teacher. It's online, it's secure, and it's easy. Simply go to, scroll down to the volunteer resources section, click on background checks (you will be redirected to another secure website) and follow the instructions. You will receive an email when you are approved (1-7 days later) and you will receive a volunteer id card in the mail a week or two after that. We encourage you to bring your card to each of your children's classrooms at your soonest convenience but well in advance of volunteering so that the teachers know you have been approved to volunteer. Thank you so much for your willingness to volunteer and contribute your unique skills to the community!   

GIRLS ON THE RUN IS SOOOO MUCH FUN!!  Inspire your daughter to be joyful, healthy and confident! Evergreen will be a Fall site for Girls on the Run and your daughter is invited to participate. The 3rd-5th grade girls meet twice a week for 10-weeks (Tues and Thurs from 3:30-5:00) in a small team to learn life skills through dynamic, conversation-based lessons, and running games. Trained volunteer coaches lead the girls through a 20-lesson curriculum. This is not an ECCS club or program, but takes place on our campus. The girls, along with their running buddies, participate in the Girls on the Run 5K on December 4 to complete the program. Participation is done by a lottery of all Evergreen registrants and fees are sliding scale (No girl is turned away for inability to pay.). Learn more at or contact Evergreen liaison, Deidre Barrett at Registration is 9/6-9/15. Join us to help your amazing girl stay true to her REAL self!!

BEFORE SCHOOL REMINDER:   We want to remind everyone that Before school hours have changed for the 2016-17 school year. Before School care is available from 7:30-7:55 for $5 and from 7:55-8:15 for no charge.


E & C:  Band-aids

     Playground ball


M & D:  An outdoor broom, maybe straw?

            Disinfecting cleaning wipes

            Playground ball

            Please check our list on the Volunteer Sign-up!!


            Band-aids: all sizes!

            Fun patterned Duct tape



Have a wonderful evening! Deidre, Melanie, Eben, and Cat