Word in third 4/20/16

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life." Henry David Thoreau...and none can experience life more fully and openheartedly than children, so we are feeling truly rich here in the Center of the Universe! 

Q: What did the big flower say to the little flower?
A: Hey, bud!
Springtime abounds at Evergreen and we are loving it! We are enjoying looking around campus and identifying plants and measuring growth. We are amazed by the diversity in our little piece of the neighborhood. We encourage the kids to explore their yards, neighborhoods, parks and report back!

Our FunRun is TOMORROW at 8:45! The Whatchamacallit Runners in M&D's Class and The Party Ponies from E&C's Class are ready for action! Today's totals show that 3rd grade has raised almost 300.00 per lap in pledges and have earned 30 pairs of shoes that will be sent to children in need! We are all feeling very proud and, of course excited that we are earning our fun classroom incentives! Using our excellent math skills, we figured out that we will both reach our $200 per lap goal and earn a trip to the Waynesville Rec Center Water Park if each child in M&C's class gets $1.70 per lap, and each child in E&C's class gets $3.00 pledged per lap by the end of this week! Even though the FunRun is tomorrow, we can continue to accepted pledges. Please remember to collect pledge money right away after receiving your child's lap total! Thank you!

The kids are sharing their wonderful stories as we work on our Spring Writing Assessment and their insightful thoughts in their Habits of Scholars Journal. We look forward to sharing these and more with you at Spring Conference Day, next Thursday, April 28th. Sign up here for a conference time:
Eben and Cat’s Conference Sign Up

Melanie and Deidre’s Conference Sign Up

April is Records Month in P.E., so your child will also present info from their Sportfolios. Ask them about their physical and mental achievements in P.E.! In Art, we started creating totem poles and finished our flower portraits. We  are ready to transform them into products for our Annual Flower Cards Fundraiser-more info to come!

In folders today with homework,  you should have your child's Spring Picture order or sample & info on ordering pictures!

We are looking forward to ECCS's Earth Day Celebration on Monday, April 25, 2016! The schedule and workshop leaders are listed below, please join us whenever you can! Earth day is an opportunity for our community to learn about, celebrate and act as stewards of our planet.   

Community Circle 8:45

Service and Learning Workshops 9:00-12:00

Community Picnic and Celebration 12:30-1:30

Come learn with us!  This year's Learning Workshop Presenters and Guests:

Steve O’Neil “Wildlife Warrior”- Reptile and Amphibian Presentation

Rob Gudger- Wolf Tales Program

Asheville Bag Monster, Recycling Games and Stream Clean Up

with Asheville GreenWorks

Asheville Vegan Outreach - Understanding the Global Impact of Animal Agriculture (middle school only)Global Village Experience - Grab a passport and explore the world! Mark Hopey, Southern Appalachian Raptor Research - Nest Box Construction and Habitat Monitoring

Chris Smith, Sow True Seeds- Seed Saving & Seed Bombs

Roots Foundation- Ozone Garden Construction

Joe Hallock- Powering with the Sun 101 + Earth Day Solar Powered Sound!

Family and friends are encouraged to join us for this special day.  It's fun AND an awesome opportunity to complete your family service hours.  Please join your student in stewardship and celebration of the Earth! For more information or to sign up to volunteer on Earth Day, contact Marin Leroy marin.leroy@evergreenccs.org.


We need for at least one member of your family to join us for the Spring Campout Meeting, May 5th at 3:00. The kids may go to EverAfter or stay with us in the classroom during the meeting.

Tis the season to have a water bottle EVERYDAY, wear sunscreen or a hat, and remember the dress code!

M&D's Class needs:

tissues, pencils, and extra snacks (to have on hand for "starving", forgetful,  or just growing children)!

Q: What kind of flower grows on your face?
A: Tulips!
Have a wonderful evening! A smile from: Cat, Eben, Melanie, and Deidre