“I’m glad we had the times together just to laugh and sing a song, seems like we just got started and then before you know it, the times we had together were gone.”― Dr. Seuss

It does feel like time is passing entirely TOO quickly here in the center of the universe! Everyday is a full bucket into which  we keep adding drops! We had our Plant Assessment today and have continued to explore the Tree Lab, indoors and outside, with Ms. Marin. Kids will take the optional Tree I.D. Quiz this week. We have several future botanists who are studying the genius species name as well as the common name!

Crews met yesterday and had a blast. Nachos and sushi rolls and walks in the woods, oh my! We have one more crew date on June 8th. Each Crew is having a different adventure for our last hurrah! It promises to be a wonderful day! Sign up here if you can help:   https://docs.google.com/document/d/12JnDt0tXbhtRFXWDwV0FMQ8DKxHHJPrzWT0LmtCg3N8/edit 

EOG Testing dates for 3rd grade are May 31st and June 1st. Our make-up date is June 7th. ECCS is asking that you please make your child's attendance during EOG tests a priority. All students need to be tested within this window, and make up tests will surely fall within the last week of school, when classes often have fun, post-EOG end of year activities planned. The state requires that students make up missed tests, and scheduling these will be unfortunate during these last school days, for both staff and students forced to miss activities. One make up test takes an associate away from the entire group.  Sign up HERE to proctor! 

We are full steam ahead making plans for our campout! Ms. Cat sent an official campout sign-up email today due to a mix-up in Google docs. We have merged the two charts into one and turned off sharing for the defunct copy so no one gets confused. THIS DOCUMENT is now the only signup chart. Please double check your information! We need background check paperwork from all chaperones this week. Thank you to Janelle for putting together our Campout Food Sign-up ! We will be practicing tent set-up on TUESDAY a.m., May 24, on the field.  We would love to have some extra hands! We do this in advance to teach and support the tent groups in setting up their own tent at the campsite. Please let Eben and Mel know if you can help! Today's homework includes a packing list for the campout. Please note that water shoes need to be close-toed, swimsuits should be one piece and trunks should securely tie, and we do allow cameras, but no other electronics! Please us know if you have any questions.

Important Information about Friday, 6/10, Graduation Day-
*This is not a regular school day and kids should only be present for their (or their sibling's) ceremony, but it considered a required attendance school day.
2:00- K-4 Moving Up Ceremony
4:00- 5-8 Moving Up Ceremony
 Call for Moving Up/Graduation Volunteers!
We need volunteers to help set up the gym for the ceremony. Please let jody.flemming@evergreenccs.org know if you can help at 11AM on Friday, the 10th.

Moving Up/Graduation Care from EverAfter
EverAfter is in need of many more commitments for all day care on moving up day. If you need care before your child's ceremony, they need to be signed up and committed no later than this Sunday. Sign up Here!

Preorder the 2015-2016 Wolf Tracks yearbook! $20.00
Limited number of copies, so please order before the deadline. If you miss the May 20th deadline, we may not have enough copies for your student to receive one.
*If your account is current, you may email Jean at jean.reese@evergreenccs.org and pay for the yearbook through Net Classroom. (They will not add this charge to your account if you owe Evergreen more than $100.) .

Please come to the Annual Meeting tomorrow evening at 5:30! The Annual Meeting is a very important gathering. In addition to the legal necessity of meeting our bylaws, coming together in community is an important tradition that helps keep Evergreen strong! We will be selling our beautiful flower cards~$1.00!

Have a fabulous evening! Love from Deidre, Mel, Cat, and Eben