Word INTHIRD 5/5/16

What is INTEGRITY? Our Habit of Scholarship for the month of May!  "Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking." (Blake Bradley)  "Being honest is integrity, not just honest with other people but being honest to yourself. " (Sadie)  "Doing the right thing and not bragging about it."(Emily) "Being able to admit your own mistakes."(Mr. Eben)  " Follow the rules and don't change them because you just want to."(Jack)  "It's sportsmanship and being a good role model."   Our school family provides many examples of this important habit. We are so lucky!

We are learning so much about plants, their life cycles, and what they need. We have planted some seeds in class and are enjoying watching them grow. The kids created plays demonstrating the life cycle of a plant and Eben's class has already performed theirs! Well done- from the petals to the enthusiastically pooping goat! We learned a lot! We are looking forward to our trips next week to visit Paul Gallimore at The Longbranch Environmental Education Center http://longbrancheec.org/home/! Please let us know if you can drive! While we're there we will hike with Paul and learn about wild and edible plants, tree grafting, composting, alternative energy, Native American legends and traditions, and growing berry bushes. We will get messy and fill our souls and brains to the brim will sunshine, fresh air, and learning! Sound like paradise? Come with us-the more the merrier!

Thank you to all the parents who came to today's campout meeting! We appreciate our Food Guru: Janelle Railey,  Equipment Guru: Lorrin Brown, Water Safety Gurus: Brian Davis and the Elsen Family. We're looking for more Workshop Leaders, so let Eben know if you have any questions or want to sign up!  In order to get a head start, we're sharing our EQUIPMENT LOANING CHART now, so everyone can start looking at what they might have to offer, even if you can't come on the trip. This promises to be an amazing trip and a great adventure!

Remember to order your Flower Cards! They are beautiful and will support our purchase of native edible plants and fruit bearing trees to donate to local community gardens! $1.00 per card, envelopes included.

Needs: Pencils, as always!! Extra snacks. Tissues. Packing tape.

Have wonderful weekend!